Comprehensive and easy-to-use website monitoring

Who is watching yours? Be the first to know with Webdar, the comprehensive website monitoring service.

Ensure your website is always available and performing at its best with Webdar.

Benefit 1

Maintain reputation

Don't let customers be disappointed when your online service is down. When there is a problem, every minute counts—you must be the first to know.

Benefit 2

Safeguard sales

Our service runs 24/7 all year round, alerting you at the first sign of trouble. This reduces the potential costs of any downtime. Gain the edge with Webdar.

Benefit 3

Peace of mind

Our service covers all your essential monitoring needs. It simplifies website monitoring, allowing you to focus on your business.

Key Features

Uptime monitoring

We check that your website is available every minute of every day. Our service will tell you straight away if there is a problem, avoiding false alerts.

Performance monitoring

Track your website’s performance over the last week or the last year. Look out for long term trends or short spikes of slowness and other issues.

Website health

Ensure that your certificates and website domains never expire when you are not looking. Maintain your website’s health and build your customer’s trust.


Receive alerts when there are problems via one of our provided communication channels such as email and Slack— group contacts by teams for more refined control.


Sometimes things don’t work as expected, or unexpected problems arise. When our extensive documentation is not enough, know that we can help you with our online support.

An image of Webdar dashboard

Beta service is available now.

The beta service provides early access to our service, free of charge. There will be a two-week notice before Webdar goes live.